Simple Deliverance Prayer

(from St. Michael’s Book of Deliverance)


Holy Trinity, One God, living and true,
Almighty and Omnipresent, Total Love,

I adore You, I bless You,
and I glorify You.
I believe in You, and in Your saving and healing power.
Today I recognize how much I sinned and hence, I am cut off from You.

My Lord, I renounce from my heart and for always:
Satan, his works, his lies, sin, impurity,
and the love for power and pleasure
that separate me from You, my God and Lord.

I recognize, O Lord, that I have erred in accepting
what other sects have proposed,
in using God’s name in vain,
in my participation in
satanic rites and occult rituals
that are not in accordance to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

I have been an easy prey to these sects and false teachings
because I don’t study the Bible, the Catechism of the Catholic Church
and I dont frequent the Sacraments.

I am not faithful to the Sunday Eucharist
and when I participate, I don’t listen to the homily.
I don’t seek spiritual guidance, nor do I seek forgiveness of sins
through the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession).

Merciful Lord, I can only express honestly
what I have passed through.
I return to You with a repentant heart,
and I beg You not to refuse me with Your Mercy.
Pardon me for all my sins. Amen.


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