Deliverance Prayer for Addicted Persons

(for cases of addiction to drugs. cigarettes, alcohol, foods, etc)


St. Michael, the Archangel,
I come to you
With a body broken
By addiction to _____________.

I have tried
All possible solutions
To break this habit,
But though my spirit is willing,
My body is weak.

I realize that
I am struggling against
An evil greater than myself.
So I am taking refuge under
The shadow of your wings,
That your sword may protect me
And help me get out
Of this situation of addiction.

My family and my loved ones
Have suffered much
Because of me.
For their sakes,
I want to change my life
And live happily with them.

St. Michael, you are the first
To struggle against Satan and his devils.
I feel their power over me,
And I believe that
This addiction is no longer
A human reality
But a product of
Satan’s manifold presence
On earth.

I beseech your presence in my lonely struggle.
As I wake up each morning,
Enkindle in my heart
Your faith and total surrender to God.
Make my will invincible as yours
So that I may continue
With my therapy and treatment
Without relapses
And so that I may seek
Strength from the sacraments,
Especially from the Holy Eucharist.

St. Michael, through your intercession,
I know that Jesus will help me. Amen.


Download a .pdf copy of this prayer here


One response to “Deliverance Prayer for Addicted Persons

  1. erika

    November 21, 2014 at 10:15 am

    I offer my addiction to the Lord. Please God deliver me and my family members and the ones i love from this demon. Thank you for this prayer. …


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