Other Petitions

If you want the Knights of Saint Benedict and other prayer groups to include your petitions in their prayers, please fill up the form below. Unless complete anonymity is requested, we will publish the name of the person you are praying for but not the specific petition in the interest of confidentiality.

  • Aberas, Rohn
  • Agbor, Amaobi
  • Alcala, Arnold
  • Alcoreza, Delfino Angelo B.
  • Alcoreza, Dennis B.
  • Alcoreza, Jocelyn B.
  • Alcoreza, Joden B.
  • Alcoreza, Kimberly B.
  • Alcoreza, Paul Richard B.
  • Antonella and family (Gilberta, Fabrizio, Mary, Alexandra, Francis)
  • Batac, Inigo and Elaine
  • D., Anna
  • Delnor Agrifood, Inc.
  • Dunn, Joanne
  • Elsy and family
  • Eo, Leon
  • Gimoro, Romeo
  • Joseph
  • Knights of Saint Benedict
  • Lahing Kayumanggi Credit Cooperative
  • Llamas, Hilario
  • Lori
  • Luistro, Charmaine and family
  • Marano, Camille
  • Margaret
  • Martin and family
  • Meatworks, Inc.
  • Meatworld International, Inc.
  • Milagros and husband
  • Ngo, Valiant
  • Pope Francis
  • Priests of the Order of the Alliance of the Two Hearts
  • Samuel
  • Soliman, Sancho and Family
  • Soliva, Francisco
  • Sonia
  • Struss, Anthony
  • Suprapto, Yohanes Trilaksono Dibyo
  • Tina and family
  • Villacis, Cris
  • Voltaire, Anne-Monique
  • Voltaire Family
  • White International Training and Consultancy, Inc.
  • Yap, Dennis

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