For the souls

You may request to have the name of your beloved departed added to the prayer list of the Knights of Saint Benedict and other Catholic prayer groups. Please make sure that you give the full name of the person you would like to pray for. If the person is married but not in the Catholic Church, please provide the baptized/maiden name. You may include names of non-Catholics.

  • Alcoreza, Lauro T.
  • Alcoreza, Maura T.
  • Alcoreza, Ricardo L.
  • Alcoreza-Fernandez, Epifania
  • Amato, Frank
  • Aranez, Lolita
  • Aranez, German
  • Arimado, Jessie
  • Arnaldo, Antonio
  • Asencio, Dionisio
  • Bandalan, Patricia Norma
  • Batac, Eulalia
  • Batac, Simeon
  • Belvis, Gaudencio
  • Bowman, Minerva G.
  • Chua, Catherine R.
  • Combs, Baby Chris
  • Combs, Billy Ray
  • Contreras, Josefina
  • Crodua, Nikki
  • D., Betty
  • de Castro, Gloria A.
  • dela Pena, Juana
  • Dimalanta, Evangeline
  • Diy, Welfrido C.
  • Dizon, Emmalyn
  • Dunn, Baby Christian
  • Dunn, Baby Veronica
  • Dunn, Baby Camilla
  • Dunn, Cathy
  • Espinosa, Jason A.
  • Gonzales, Gonzalo
  • Harn, James
  • Ingeri, Rosario
  • Ingeri, Sal
  • Jorge, Aristico T.
  • jorge, Margarito T.
  • Kemmerling, Roland
  • Knaack, Elmer and Ellen
  • Kringas, Marie and Thomas
  • Kroll, Sara
  • Lakomiak, Joseph and Joey
  • Macaranas, Salvador
  • Malto, Salvador
  • Mathew Joseph
  • Marano, Eladio C.
  • Marquez, Paulina
  • Masucbol, Maria Natividad
  • Maza, Purificacion M.
  • Montague, John
  • Moore, Jeff
  • Olmoguez, Elmer
  • Padlan, Jay Vincent
  • Padlan, Ruben
  • Pamaran, Epifanio R.
  • Pansini, Jean
  • Pansini, Len
  • Reyes, Angelo
  • Romadia, Rinel Joseph
  • Rooney, Roger
  • Simbulan, Lota
  • Soliman, Sancho
  • Sy, Michael
  • Teano, Sheryl
  • Tuazon, Dario
  • Tuazon, Gavino Y.
  • Tuazon, Victoria
  • Valenzuela, Andy
  • Valenzuela, Jose
  • Villanueva, Junie Mae D.
  • Victims of M/V Thomas Aquinas (Aug 2013) sea mishap
  • Victims of Typhoon “Ondoy”
  • Victims of Typhoon “Sendong”
  • Victims of Typhoon “Yolanda”
  • Viramontes, Travis and baby

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