The Knights of Saint Benedict (KSB) is a Catholic lay deliverance team. Membership is open to the laity and religious alike.
KSB is described as a Catholic Lay Deliverance Team to stress the following:
The team is loyal to the Pope, to the Catholic Church and its teachings. It is created with aim of helping the Church, the priests and ordinary ministers of the Church in evangelization and in promoting the Catechism of the Catholic Church and its Doctrines among the families and individuals, and not to compete nor to declare independence from the Church. KSB team condemns heresy and apostasy. Members of KSB are defenders of the Catholic Faith.
The ways, prayers, sacramentals, study materials and sources are of Catholic in origin, nature and content, and based on what the Church recommends and promotes.
The team is composed by a majority of “Lay Persons”, and currently being led by a lay (a Lay Carmelite). The prayers and actions of the team members are of lay, as the Church defines clearly the limitations of the laity especially in the ministry of Healing, Deliverance and Exorcism. The term “Lay” here is expanded to all non-ordained ministers, that is, to include also the Religious. KSB recognizes the special authority and faculty that rests upon the ordained ministers of the Church. Thus, the team has also several ordained priests on list as Prayer Warriors.
The team prays the deliverance (simple exorcism) prayers with emphasis that it is not a “solemn” exorcism, a sacramental rite reserved only to the Catholic Bishops and their delegated exorcist-priests.
KSB promotes the ministry of Healing and Deliverance as a team, a Christian community of believers who stands for God, and continues the ministry of Christ by virtue of membership to the Catholic Church through the Sacrament of Baptism. For KSB, working as a team is crucial and of great importance.
KSB Team Composition
  • Spiritual Adviser – a priest appointed to pastor the group and the members; He administers the Holy Sacraments for the spiritual growth of each member;
  • Core Members (18+ years old) – one who actively leads in the visitation of the sick, families & household; and
  • Prayer Warriors (any age, as long as he/she prays) – one who commits to pray for the intention of Healing and Deliverance of the persons, families, households, and for the safety and protection of the entire deliverance team; may accompany a core member who leads the group if at least 18 years old.

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