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Welcome 2014 with a family prayer

Beautiful-Diamond-New-Year-2015-Wallpaper-ImageNew year celebrations are grand occasions for Filipino families.

We all look forward to hearty banquets, awe-inspiring fireworks display, dizzying parties, and other happy events, particularly on New Year’s Eve.

These are all part of Filipino traditions centered on the family, but we hope that we do not forget something extremely important — PRAYER.

The Knights of Saint Benedict promotes prayers and devotions helpful to bring all families closer to God and away from the influences of the devil. As we come closer to the celebration of New Year’s eve, it is only proper that we celebrate it with holiness in prayer, participated in by every member of the family striving to be holy, as we all should. As we invite God, His angels and His saints in prayer, we expel at the same time the devil (and his armies) who wish to destroy families and children.

Why does the devil want to destroy children and families?

The devil wants to destroy the Church of God. If he successfully destroys children, he destroys families. If he successfully destroys families, he destroys society. If he successfully destroys society, he will little by little destroy the Church.

This is why the Catholic Church wants to preserve the moral and values of each Christian family. If we continue to obey the Church built by Christ Himself, and be submissive under the protection of the Church and the Holy Sacraments, “the gates of hell shall not prevail.”

This new year, let us welcome God, His protection and His blessings to our children and families. Let us ask the Holy Spirit to fill-in our homes so that there will be no room left for the evil one. With the powerful intercession of the angels and saints, let us stand firm to follow Christ and resist the assaults of the enemy of souls who is satan and his evil spirits.

Download here some powerful prayers to bless your family and your home as you welcome the new year. They are used in the deliverance and healing ministry for the protection of families. Use them privately in your own home and for your own family. Share them with everyone you care about.

Users are warned NOT to use these prayers as magic and in a theatrical manner as in performing occultic and magical actions. Those who perform occultic actions are of evil and are being promoted by the devil (do not be deceived!). Unfortunately, some people claim to be Catholic but their actions are occultic and thus run against the teachings of the Catholic Church. Be forewarned. God be with us.


Bro. Arnold, T.O.Carm.
KSB Team Leader


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Our blog: 2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 7,200 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Welcome the new year properly

Many Catholic Christians are deceived by New Age beliefs and practices especially in the celebration of New Year.

The first of the ten commandments: “Thou shall not have other gods besides me.”

The Catholic Lay Deliverance Team, Knights of Saint Benedict urges all the faithful to protect selves and families from the diabolic attacks of the evil one by renouncing false beliefs and occultic practices being offered by the New Age (Age of Aquarius) movements.

Rely only on God. Rely on his Love and Mercy. Beliefs in Lucky Charms (colors, numbers, objects like crystals, stones, etc.), Numerology, Astrology, Fortune Telling, Palm Reading, Card Reading, Horoscope, Feng Shui, etc. snatches our faith and fidelity which are supposed to be for God alone.

We profess the power of God and his dominion over all His creations. Every year is a year of the Lord! True followers of Christ do not profess any year to be a year of any animal (unless they consider Christ as just any other animal). Our God is NOT a horse (nor a rabbit, snake, rat, pig, etc.).

Each Catholic Christian family is being encouraged to welcome New Year by professing our faith in God and His True Church, and by rebuking the works of the devil. Drive away evil through prayers. Firecrackers don’t drive away evil, bec. if they do, who would need God anyway. If it is really true that firecrackers drive away evil, why not use them inside the house and rooms?

Welcome New Year by:

  1. Hearing Mass (the greatest sacrifice; the highest form of praise);
  2. Praying with the whole family (set up an altar with candles that symbolizes the light of Christ/ NO FOOD on the altar pls. Give the food to the poor and needy, not to rodents. Sacramental objects on the altar don’t eat food, people do);
  3. Consecrating the family to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary (this act of consecration professes our Catholic Christian Faith on Christ as the only begotten Son of God and to His grand plan of salvation of mankind represented by the Blessed Mary who conceived in her womb the flesh of the Word Incarnate);
  4. Invoking the intercession of Saint Joseph (the Holy Family must be the guide of every Christian family following the examples of Jesus, Mary and Joseph in their total obedience to the will of God);
  5. Blessing the family and home with holy water to remind us of our baptism and membership in the Church, thus, no evil or sickness may harm us without the consent of God (and without our own willful consent through sins).



Bagong taon, araw ng obligasyon

2014 firecrackersBagong Taon (New Year) na naman. Mahalagang pagdiriwang lalo na sa mga Pilipino at sa buong sambayanang Kristiano.

Ang January 1 po, bukod sa Bagong Taon, ay isang “Holy Day of Obligation” para sa mga Katoliko. Hindi dahil sa Bagong Taon, kundi dahil sa napakahalagang pagdiriwang ng “Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God” (The feast is a celebration of Mary’s motherhood of Jesus. The title “Mother of God” is a western derivation from the Greek: Theotokos, the God-bearer. The term was adopted at the First Council of Ephesus as a way to assert the Divinity of Christ, from which it follows that what is predicated of Christ is predicated of God. So, if Mary is the Mother of Jesus, she is the Mother of God).

Ayan, tunay ngang mahalaga ang pagdiriwang na ito, kaya nga bukod sa ito ay “Holy Day of Obligation”, ito ay nasa unang araw ng taon (Jan.1; Octave of Christmas Season).

Mahalaga pong maunawaan ito ng LAHAT ng Kristiano Katoliko lalo na ang mga taga-sunod ni Kristo at kumikilala sa Kanya bilang Panginoong Diyos (Divinity of Christ). ANG TURO PONG ITO AY PARA SA LAHAT NG KAANIB NG SIMBAHANG KATOLIKO.

Kaya naman, panawagan ng Knights of Saint Benedict Deliverance Team, ipahayag na si Kristo lamang ang Panginoon ng ating buhay, at hindi dapat umasa sa mga iniaalok ng mapanlinlang na mundo MULA SA PANG-UUDYOK NG DEMONYO AT MGA MASAMANG ESPIRITU, tulad ng mga… pampasuwerte, pamahiin, mga hula mula sa bituin,hula sa baraha, hula mula sa mga guhit ng palad, hula sa bolang kristal at ibat-ibang New Age teachings na hindi akma sa pananampalatayang Katoliko at lalo’t hindi naman itinuturo ng Simbahan (Lucky Charms, Superstitions, horoscope, fortune-telling, card reading, palm reading, crystal balls, etc.)


Tingnan at silipin ang nakaraang article ng Knights of Saint Benedict para sa mahalagang paalala sa mga pamilyang Kristiano ngayon Bagong Taon upang hindi mapaglaruan ng mga kaaway ng ating kaluluwa. TUNGKULIN NATIN – SAGIPIN ANG BAWAT KABATAAN AT PAMILYA MULA SA PANLILINLANG NG DEMONYO.


Happy Holy-ween!

5587857_origNgayong panahon na naman ng santu-santo ay kaliwa’t kanan ang mga Halloween parties. Ang mga tindahan ay puno ng mga nakakatakot na dekorasyon. Sa children’s section ay nakahanay ang iba’t ibang laruan at costumes na may temang katatakutan.

Nakalulungkot na sa kabila ng mga paalala ng simbahan ay tila nakakalimutan na ng mga Katoliko na ang Halloween ay panahon upang alalahanin ang mga “hallowed”, na ang ibig sabihin ay banal. Anong kabanalan ba ang nakikita natin sa mga zombies, mangkukulam, satanas, tiyanak, white lady, at kung anu-ano pang kahindik-hindik na palamuti, kasuotan at tema?

Ang kasalukuyang paraan ng pagdiriwang natin ng halloween ay labag sa turo ng Simbahan. Ang itinataguyod ng Simbahan ay culture of life at hindi culture of death.

Mga magulang, sa halip na pagsuutin ng mga nakakata-“cute” na costumes ang inyong mga anak, bakit hindi sila pag-suotin ng costume ng mga santo, nang sa gayon ay maitanim sa kanilang murang isipan na dapat tularan ang mga katangi-tanging buhay ng mga banal?

Nakatutuwa ang initiative ng Don Bosco Makati upang magbigay-kaalaman sa mga Katoliko kung paano dapat ipagdiwang ang halloweenGod bless you!

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2013 Advent Recollection

For inquiries and reservations, please email

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Bayang sumisinta kay Maria

banner1Sa darating na ika-8 ng Hunyo 2013 ay ipagdiriwang natin ang Kapistahan ng Kalinis-linisang Puso ni Maria.

Ang araw na ito ay higit na mahalaga sa ating mga Pilipino sapagkat isasabay sa kapistahan ang pagtatalaga ng buong Pilipinas sa puso ng ating Mahal na Ina.

Hangad natin na sa konsekrasyong ito ng ating bansa sa Kalinis-linisang Puso ni Maria na tayo’y tulungan niya, bilang Ina nating lahat, na tunay na magkaisa. Sa mga nakalipas na panahon, ipinakita ni Maria ang kanyang pagdamay sa atin sa panahon ng sakuna, karamdaman, kaguluhan, kawalang-pag-asa, at iba’t ibang mukha ng kadiliman.

Bilang paghahanda, inaanyayahan ang lahat na magdasal ng nobena simula ika-30 ng Mayo 2013. Ito ay magtatapos sa Kapistahan ng Kabanal-banalang Puso ni Hesus, ika-7 ng Hunyo 2013. Ang nobena ay maaaring makuha rito.

Sa ganap na ika-10 ng umaga sa Hunyo 8, 2013, Sabado, ang lahat ng simbahan sa  buong bansa ay magkakaroon ng misa upang sabay-sabay na ilagay na mga palad ni Maria ang ating bayan. Ang lahat ng mananampalataya ay inaanyayahang makiisa sa pagdiriwang ng napakahalagang sandaling ito.

Upang lalong mapagtibay ang paghahari ni Hesus at pangangalaga ni Maria sa pamilyang Pilipino, iminumungkahi ng Knights of Saint Benedict na iluklok (enthrone) ang mga Banal na Puso ni Hesus at Maria sa bawat tahanan. Ang mga panalangin at ritwal ng pagluluklok ay matatagpuan dito.