About us

The Knights of Saint Benedict is a group of Catholic lay people that aims to keep members away from false beliefs, folk religiosity, and other practices outside the teachings of the Catholic Church in relation to addressing the problems on manifestations of evil infestations and the like.

For members, we seek to:

  • Promote education on the Catechism of the Catholic Church to members.
  • Ensure that members remain faithful to the Roman Catholic Church by frequenting the Sacraments and by living the virtues being taught by the Church.
  • Promote continuous spiritual growth opportunities to all members through regular prayer meetings, Bible seminars and annual Retreats.
  • Help members improve their prayer life and devotion to the Holy Rosary and to the saints (especially to Saint Benedict).
  • Educate members on the teachings of the Church pertaining to Deliverance Ministry using only the prayers and approaches approved and accepted by the Catholic Church for lay people.
  • Encourage members to become promoters of the teachings of the Catholic Church and inspire more people to become active Catholics, aware of the Deliverance Ministry of Christ through His Church, the Catholic Church.

For individuals and families, our purposes are to:

  • Keep people away from false and harmful beliefs on folk religiosity such as superstitions, divinations, sorcery, spiritism and use of medium, gnosticism, witchcraft, fortune-telling, spirit of the glass, beliefs on charms, occults and other New Age beliefs and rituals.
  • Preserve the families from keeping in their homes harmful occultic objects such as ouija board, amulets, talismans, objects of good luck, lucky charms, objects from occult practitioners (necklaces, bracelets, papers and prints of unrecognized words and characters, etc.) and any other objects suspected to have been used or being used for rituals and practices not in accordance to the Catholic teachings.
  • Bring back the families to the Catholic Church by keeping their Catholic faith alive and burning with passion to learn more about the church and its Catechism and to love the Church as Christ does.
  • Continuously inspire people to avail of the Sacraments and live a prayerful life.
  • Help individuals and family members through prayer requests sent to other prayer groups and communities and through actual visits to households to lead Prayers of Deliverance and Healing.

Our basic activities are:

  • Educating people (on basic teachings on Deliverance and Catechism of the Catholic Church)
  • Assisting people in need
  • Collecting information through interviews and other means
  • Recording data and information
  • Conducting assessment of the situation
  • Identifying manifestations of infestation
  • Offering deliverance prayers for the place or person
  • Presenting data and information for recommendation to the priest / spiritual adviser (recommend the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Anointing of the Sick and Holy Mass, and other Holy Sacraments deemed necessary)
  • Assisting the parish priest or spiritual adviser during visits (if necessary)
  • Making follow-up visitations and prayers
  • Organizing prayer warriors for deliverance

In our studies and activities, we only use materials of genuine Roman Catholic sources. We get information and instructions from forums and events organized by the Catholic Church, facilitated by groups engaged in the Ministry of Deliverance (e.g. Alliance of the Two Hearts – Jesus & Mary), and/or conducted by representatives of the International Exorcists Association (e.g. Fr. Caro [Indian exorcist] and Fr. Machado [Canadian exorcist]).

Our current members are:

Core Group

  • Bro. Arnold Alcala (Team Leader)
  • Bro. Manuel Guevarra, Jr.
  • Sis. Jocelyn Alcoreza

Prayer Warriors

  • Sr. Rose (Handmaid of the Divine Word)
  • Sis. Lolit Guevarra (BBS Group)
  • Sis. Sonia Ostrea (LOJ-Light Of Jesus, L.I.G.H.T.- Don Bosco-based community)
  • Sis. Edna Agustin (PWHS – Prayer Warriors for the Holy Souls)
  • Bro. Ruel Santos (Third Order of Carmel)
  • Bro. Rey Tan (3am Prayer Brigade)
  • Sis. Janice (Healing & Deliverance on Air, Radio Veritas)
  • Sis. Jo (SOC – Soldiers of Christ, Radio Veritas / Maypajo, Caloocan)
  • And other brothers & sisters in various religious/charismatic communities including priest-friends.

We welcome members who are:

  • at least 18 years old
  • a practicing Catholic, loyal to the Church
  • active member of any Church organization or Catholic prayer group community (properly endorsed by parish priest or religious group leader)
  • willing to share time, to learn more and to obey rules and guidelines of the group.

Meeting Schedule and Venue
Every 1st Sunday of the month, 10:30AM
Parish of the Holy Spirit, Alido Heights, Malolos, Bulacan
(Please contact us if you would like to join our meeting so we can inform you of any change in schedule and/or venue.)

Spiritual Adviser
Rev. Fr. Virgilio Ramos, Parish Priest, Parish of the Holy Spirit, Malolos, Bulacan

Contact Details
+63 (929) 3998884
+63 (2) 3423949


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