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Welcome 2014 with a family prayer

Beautiful-Diamond-New-Year-2015-Wallpaper-ImageNew year celebrations are grand occasions for Filipino families.

We all look forward to hearty banquets, awe-inspiring fireworks display, dizzying parties, and other happy events, particularly on New Year’s Eve.

These are all part of Filipino traditions centered on the family, but we hope that we do not forget something extremely important — PRAYER.

The Knights of Saint Benedict promotes prayers and devotions helpful to bring all families closer to God and away from the influences of the devil. As we come closer to the celebration of New Year’s eve, it is only proper that we celebrate it with holiness in prayer, participated in by every member of the family striving to be holy, as we all should. As we invite God, His angels and His saints in prayer, we expel at the same time the devil (and his armies) who wish to destroy families and children.

Why does the devil want to destroy children and families?

The devil wants to destroy the Church of God. If he successfully destroys children, he destroys families. If he successfully destroys families, he destroys society. If he successfully destroys society, he will little by little destroy the Church.

This is why the Catholic Church wants to preserve the moral and values of each Christian family. If we continue to obey the Church built by Christ Himself, and be submissive under the protection of the Church and the Holy Sacraments, “the gates of hell shall not prevail.”

This new year, let us welcome God, His protection and His blessings to our children and families. Let us ask the Holy Spirit to fill-in our homes so that there will be no room left for the evil one. With the powerful intercession of the angels and saints, let us stand firm to follow Christ and resist the assaults of the enemy of souls who is satan and his evil spirits.

Download here some powerful prayers to bless your family and your home as you welcome the new year. They are used in the deliverance and healing ministry for the protection of families. Use them privately in your own home and for your own family. Share them with everyone you care about.

Users are warned NOT to use these prayers as magic and in a theatrical manner as in performing occultic and magical actions. Those who perform occultic actions are of evil and are being promoted by the devil (do not be deceived!). Unfortunately, some people claim to be Catholic but their actions are occultic and thus run against the teachings of the Catholic Church. Be forewarned. God be with us.


Bro. Arnold, T.O.Carm.
KSB Team Leader


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