Welcome the new year properly

31 Dec

Many Catholic Christians are deceived by New Age beliefs and practices especially in the celebration of New Year.

The first of the ten commandments: “Thou shall not have other gods besides me.”

The Catholic Lay Deliverance Team, Knights of Saint Benedict urges all the faithful to protect selves and families from the diabolic attacks of the evil one by renouncing false beliefs and occultic practices being offered by the New Age (Age of Aquarius) movements.

Rely only on God. Rely on his Love and Mercy. Beliefs in Lucky Charms (colors, numbers, objects like crystals, stones, etc.), Numerology, Astrology, Fortune Telling, Palm Reading, Card Reading, Horoscope, Feng Shui, etc. snatches our faith and fidelity which are supposed to be for God alone.

We profess the power of God and his dominion over all His creations. Every year is a year of the Lord! True followers of Christ do not profess any year to be a year of any animal (unless they consider Christ as just any other animal). Our God is NOT a horse (nor a rabbit, snake, rat, pig, etc.).

Each Catholic Christian family is being encouraged to welcome New Year by professing our faith in God and His True Church, and by rebuking the works of the devil. Drive away evil through prayers. Firecrackers don’t drive away evil, bec. if they do, who would need God anyway. If it is really true that firecrackers drive away evil, why not use them inside the house and rooms?

Welcome New Year by:

  1. Hearing Mass (the greatest sacrifice; the highest form of praise);
  2. Praying with the whole family (set up an altar with candles that symbolizes the light of Christ/ NO FOOD on the altar pls. Give the food to the poor and needy, not to rodents. Sacramental objects on the altar don’t eat food, people do);
  3. Consecrating the family to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary (this act of consecration professes our Catholic Christian Faith on Christ as the only begotten Son of God and to His grand plan of salvation of mankind represented by the Blessed Mary who conceived in her womb the flesh of the Word Incarnate);
  4. Invoking the intercession of Saint Joseph (the Holy Family must be the guide of every Christian family following the examples of Jesus, Mary and Joseph in their total obedience to the will of God);
  5. Blessing the family and home with holy water to remind us of our baptism and membership in the Church, thus, no evil or sickness may harm us without the consent of God (and without our own willful consent through sins).



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