We all need earthly spiritual fathers

12 Jun

KSB Spiritual Adviser Fr. Verge with priest-blogger Fr. Abe

Quoting from Linda Schubert’s book The Healing Power of A Father’s Blessing, “The Holy Spirit enables other people’s fathers to model Christ for us (to teach us who we are in Christ). Through them, we can learn about a God of Love; a God we can trust; a God who is dependable and trustworthy”… “While God is bigger and better, it was still a glimpse of a father”.

Can’t imagine how Catholics will survive without our Spiritual Fathers on earth.

Photo shows KSB Spiritual Adviser Fr.Verge Ramos with his friend and brother in priestly ministry Fr.Abe Arganiosa,CRS, taken at the office of the Parish of The Holy Spirit, Malolos, Bulacan.

(photo courtesy of Fr.Abe’s site

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