Call for prayer warriors

07 Jun

I personally met both Fr. Jocis Syquia and Fr. Jojo Zerrudo on two different occasions. I had a short acquaintance with Fr. Jocis in mid-2009 in San Carlos seminary while arranging for a group retreat of Malolos Lay Ministers at Layforce. Fr. Jojo, on the other hand, was a co-celebrant in the Holy Mass for Souls organized by the Prayer Warriors for the Holy Souls (PWHS) aired and televised on Nov. 2, also in 2009.

Brothers and sisters, wake up! The devil is real. It works unnoticed and undetected in our midst. We don’t have to experience total demonic possesion in order to believe. Demons are already living with us and among us, day and night.

I have witnessed evil in front of my own two eyes in the performance of our Healing and Deliverance Ministry. Evil infests people, families and children, in different forms, levels, styles and tactics. Demons deceive people in various forms of magic, belief, amazing events, even (false) physical healing. They are with us daily in superstitions, in new age belief (horoscope, astrology, palm reading, divination, yoga, any form of fortune-telling, occultism, talisman, amulets, objects of good-luck, spiritism, feng shui, etc. that are contrary to the Catholic faith).

We need no additional proof. The rising cases of abortion, suicide, depression, brokeness, drug addiction, sex and fornication are results of evil infestation. And how can we fail to mention the devil’s works on the tip of our nose: the RH Bill, legalization of vices, sex education for children, promotion of same-sex marriage, euthanasia (mercy-killing), contraceptives, etc. Even the existence of various heretic churches and false beliefs and freemasonry are loud and clear proof of the devil’s untiring works to destroy the church by destroying the faithful.


Know your enemies. Join us in battle. Be one of our prayer warriors. Just send your name to 0929-3998884 or

Saint Benedict, pray for us.
Saint Michael the Archangel, pray for us.
Our Lady of Mount Carmel, pray for us

May the Lord bless us,
Deliver us from evil,
And bring us to everlasting life.


Bro. Arnold, TOC
KSB Team Leader


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