An urgent need for healing and deliverance

03 Jun

With so much pain, sadness, sickness and suffering happening in the world today, there is no doubt that there is a GREAT and URGENT need for healing and deliverance.

Yet, this is one topic not only seldom discussed among Catholics, but even avoided. The discomfort is not unique to the average believer; some priests would rather not touch the subject.

The Knights of Saint Benedict (A Catholic Lay Deliverance Team) is a group of believers who have realized that keeping silent about deliverance from evil will not make evil disappear. We urge everyone not to fall into Satan’s deception. Let us uncover him and learn how to fight him.

The first step in our spiritual warfare is putting Christ in the center of our lives. Our soul belongs to Him alone.

Let us turn to the Lord for His Love and Mercy (NEVER to sorcerers, diviners, faith healers, mediums, fortune-tellers, astrology, witchcraft, tarot cards, talismans, lucky charms, magic, etc.).

Christ says to St. Paul, “My Grace is enough.” Turn to Christ. Go to His Church, the Catholic Church. Talk to your parish priest. Ask help from a Catholic charismatic community or from any Catholic prayer group or organization.

“The devil trembles in fear when we are at prayer, fasting, doing acts of love and charity, and when we are in total obedience to Christ and His Church.”


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